Player Note Session 1

Or, I Believe I Can Fly

We find ourselves in Arenum , a planet on the edge of the Galactic Theocracy. Our soon to be heroes, or villains, find themselves in the middle of an unusual conflict time. The Empire, who normally have a very hands off approach to Arenum, have landlocked the planet, and have their prized Pelor class ships blockading the city, and gathering everyone in the streets.

Amidst a few scuffles and injuries, everyone is rounded up.
The trusty pilot, Van overhears the authorities announcing that they had a “Target Secured.”

The silent Content Not Found: xing-zhe hears mention of a shipment arriving, being stored in the center of the starport.

Brave Fenrir finds out they are looking for some sort of terrorist group.

Our heroes find themselves cuffed inside a small transport ship. After a few awkward greetings to those who knew each other, hey begin attempting to break out. A guard, hearing noises [a loud thunder crack to be exact] rushes in, only to find a few of his prisoners already released, and the rest struggling to do so as well. A few misplaced shots, poisons, teleporting swords, and actions of self harm later and a guard in an insane state breaks a few holes in the hull. The prisoners rush to the cockpit, and realize the pilot is losing control and headed for one of the larger ships. Fenrir and Van fight for control against the pilot, Ker digs through everyone’s belongings looking for his own, while the rest either finish the guards or stand in fear. Van finally removes the pilot from his seat, and acting fast Fenrir jumps into the cockpit, only to realize the ship was hurtling out of control towards the Pelor class ship now, and controlling it might be a little more than he can handle. Everyone holds their breath or braces for impact as he attempts to take the landing.
He narrowly avoids flattening into the ships side, but doesn’t stop the transport from losing it’s landing gear and tumbling through the landing bay, killing civilians and empire soldiers alike.
After the initial shock, they awaken, badly bruised and hurting, and realize they have moments until the soldiers come…


thanks for posting this! i really like the idea of filling this up as time goes on.

Player Note Session 1

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