Player Note Session 3

Next Leg of the Adventure

The escapees’ ship is attacked by an Archangel, and in the ensuing shoot out, gets blindsided by two Psionic ships, who soon draw their attention to the Archangel.

While they are distracted, Fenrir warps the ship to the nearest planet, Genus. Anii and Nuri in the mean time are trying to stabilize Van after losing his leg.

Meanwhile, after the totally awesome adventure Ker, Fry, and Brian’s dude go on, they crash a ship, possibly killing two dudes who went with them and Brian. Ker decided he is going to the city, and doesn’t want fry to follow, as ‘girls always ruin his adventures’. He bumps some of his once fellow prisoners also traveling to the city, letting him know they landed a bit away from them. Ker, in need of his grandson for science, heads there immediately. He finds out from Fenrir that Van lost a leg in the escape, and is also slightly shocked to see the craft they escaped in. Soon, fry arrives and quickly becoming friends [hoping for a way off the planet as well] she goes about helping Ker get parts to rebuild a leg for Van, and repairs the ship.

The rest of the group, consisting of White Raven, Kiora, Fenrir Pheonix and Nuri go to the nearest town to try to get supplies and a new leg for Van. They strike up a shady deal with a warforged, and agree to come back that night.

Ker makes a makeshift leg to hold Van off while he builds something great, and implants the metal peg onto his sleeping body.

Deciding against leaving, the crew stays on the ship, where they are attacked at night! Xing tackles one and pins it to the ground, what ever will happen next?



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