Session 1

Date: 37.4.7125
Location: Arenum – Capital Trade Center Starport.

It was morning, and the heat of the fiery local sun was already beating down on the dry sands of Arenum. It was a morning like any other, as the local-star port bustled with activity with creatures of many species tending to lives and business of various sorts. However, deep in the confines of this normal day, tense figures moved through the shadows, and deep fear ran through the minds of a handful of quiet administrators. The night before a package of some kind had come in, very quietly and very secretively. Among the faceless thousands walking through the starport, probably a dozen people knew what the package was and rightfully feared it’s influence.

It was noon when the first signs of trouble started. It began as a shooting between two unknown figures in the main lobby. The assailants rambled at each other in maddening cries over ‘Nova’ and ‘The Gatekeeper’ while firing wildly at each other amidst the cries of onlookers.

That’s when the Unthinkable happened.

A fully armed task-force consisting of 2 M5 capital class vessels and a host of support craft warped in from the Genus Gateway. They bore the clear make and markings of being a Galactic Theocracy dispatch fleet. The Fleet did not respond to hails or to any attempts at communication by Trade Center Ground Control. They secured a blockade and began a ground assault on the neutral facility.

Amidst the chaos and the Theocracy’s mass capture of hundreds of civilians, a party of 8 adventurers were loaded into a Relic Class Transport and launched to the blockade fleet for processing. It is evident that, in their haste, security forces had not recognized the dangerous potential of these individuals. Whilst in transit, the transport became a blood-bath as the captives broke free and subdued the security forces. The fighting forced a crash landing on the vessel, which collided with another ship upon entry to the hanger.

The party awakens to the muffled sound of alarms as they clear themselves from the wreckage of the transport…



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