Inquisitor Lord of the Water's Hedge.



Swordcleric/Invoker Multiclass Runepriest
Adept of Whispers
Avatar of War


Celeste is an old Deva, she gives off a soft almost motherly air, but beneath this is a mind scary in its ruthlessness. Luckily she’s on your side; right up until her minion slits your throat. She is one of the three leaders of Water’s Hedge.

Water’s Hedge is a Human Galactic Theocracy Inquisitor Ordos dedicated to keeping the balance whilst instrumenting growth designed to enrich the lives of all. Celeste is an extremist held in check by her loyalty to the ideals of her Ordo. She also does so hate the appearance of ugliness.

A veteran of many battles, on and off the field, Celeste was a child soldier. It is said by some who think themselves wiser than her smile that she has never known happiness, but this is not true, unbelievable though it may be she has never ceased to be happy since the first time she clawed out an enemy’s throat. A Lieutenant of the military and member of the Devan Nobility adopted her and the rest, as they say, is history.


Theme: A Great Spirit Lies In Wait by Akari Groves
Ruthlessness: Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
History: Lily of the West by The Chieftains


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