Fenrir Pheonix

Fight by my side, otherwise i cant protect you as well.


A medium build man, Fenrir is never one to shy away from doing what is right, even if it means putting himself at great personal risk. A cleric by trade he strove to protect those around him, however, often he found those he aided fell by his side when he himself could not protect them enough. To that end he often travels around quite a bit, picking up one patient or befriending an ally, more than likely because his previous companions didn’t make it through the turmoil and conflict. And rightly so he bears the scars and bruises of combat, but nothing compares to sorrow in his heart when he loses another ally. Always cheerful and kind Fenrir is generous in his aid and in his fervor to not only shield his allies, but stop those who would cause them harm.


When a man devotes himself to a singular cause and fails, it is then when you can truly see who he is and what he is made of. Fenrir was nothing if not normal, he was an average citizen of the theocracy, who studied and believed in the deva, and rightfully respected them. As often occurred war reached his planet and like so many others Fenrir volunteered to help as he could. His nack for the healing arts as well as his connection to divine not only in an intellectual way but in a spiritual sense made him a natural candidate to be textbook cleric for the Theocracy army. And thus began the months of grueling training, pushing his mental, physical, and even his emotional strength to well beyond the breaking points, but it what was needed by the Theocracy, he struggled on, and soon his dedication earned him a distinction amongst his fellow soldiers, through his supreme effort, during the course of his training not once had he lost a single patient, even when the standard expectation of a new cleric was to lose even just a handful; Fenrir refused to accept this. As his training came to an end it was time for deployment, and he would go without pause or question, he knew where ever he went he would be needed, and what ever unit he was sent to he would protect with his life, and in turn protect and save the lives of his comrades. And finally came the faithful day his notification came in, Aquarin, he was to be sent to Aquarin, the thorn in the side of the Theocracy, the one planet that could not, would crack. And again another surge of soldiers would be thrown against this world of water, who knew maybe it would be his work, his effort, his unit that finally broke though, it was his full intention to save everyone, and he was about discover how wrong he was about to be…

Five minutes out, the drop point was fast approaching, the 6 soldiers sat in muted focus as the seconds ticked by, each remembering their training, their objectives,………their family. Three minutes till drop; the gravity of the situation felt as though the air around him would suffocate him at any moment, however even at this point Fenrir remembered his duty, to save and protect his squadmates, to ensure they made it back alive, and he was ready to lay down his life to guarantee that it happened. Two minutes, EVERYBODY GET READY, exchanging final glances at one at other, the soldiers steeled themselves for their mission, Fenrir glanced out the window one last time and saw the armada, Dozens of ships carrying in hundreds of soldiers, it was hard to imagine how this could….THIRTY SECONDS! the ship shook violently as the air became filled with black smoke and shrapnel. TEN SECONDS, the world around him blurred and fell silent as he counted the final seconds in his head,..8…6…5…3..2……..1………………. the door before him descended and he lept forward as the wind whipped his face Fenrir saw the battlefield appear below him, a white sand beach covered with the charred remains of the vehicles of both sides craters and …..BANG…a shell erupted behind him, the concussion jarred Fenrir back to reality, as he touched down he spun around searching for his squadmates 1,2,3,4……..where was 5……. a final soldier dropped hard smashing into the soft sand before him, there was number 5 as he rushed over to him Fenrir’s stomach turned to knots as he saw his leg was clearly broken, and his arm was … gone….

GET TO COVER,…..INCOMING! As the battle raged around him Fenrir uttered his prayers and moved his hands, at times seemingly as the conductor of the sound of the battle, managing to splint his leg however his missing arm was proving to be far more difficult an issue. As his comrades pushed forward he remained a small distance behind tending to the wounded squadmate, when his focus was broken by the piercing shriek of a nearby man and in muted horror as another squadmate flew upwards of ten feet into the air, hit by the large explosion of an artillery shell, diving forward over the rubble he sought cover behind mere moments ago he caught the plummeting soldier, and with a sickening splat the man’s torso and his legs separated in his arms, the man stared terrified into Fenrir’s eyes, as moments later his eyes rolled back and he fell limp. Fenrir felt numb, his body refusing to move as he peered into the the man’s eyes, now devoid of light. In what seemed like an eternity he slowly set the soldier on the ground and closed his eyes, overcome with shock and reality of the situation Fenrir become violently ill even as the war raged around him. He felt his strength fading as he watched the war around him and…GET UP WE ARE STILL IN THIS FIGHT, DAMMIT FENRIR MOVE. COME ON WE NEED YOU.

Jolted from his stupor he arose to see his remaining three squadmates circled around, one actually lifting him up by the shoulder. WE HAVE TO KEEP MOVING, OR ITS ALL OVER. In an instant Fenrir snapped back to reality, turning to the rubble, “hang on we can’t leave…him……” his voice trailed off, a crater was now where his teammate once was. “NOOOOOO” he screamed as he ran towards the pit, stopped by the hand still on his back. I CAN STILL SAVE HIM, I can still………..save … him…" tears now pouring from his face. He turned to his squad as they, in turn, starred at him with looks of determination, “Fenrir there’s nothing you could have done, he’s gone. We have to get off the beach otherwise none of us will get out of here alive.” With an outstretched arm, and a expression of a man determined to conquer the world, he reached for Fenrir, “Let’s do this,…for them.” The four men pushed ahead making for the barricade, each step feeling like mile, charging over the wreckage and rumble, the dying and the deceased, even as the rifle fire struck Fenrir, he remained unphased, each swing of his mighty sword seemingly breathing new vitality into him, he did his best not to look back, he did his best not to think of who he had lost. Instead he focused on what lie ahead, and who he would protect, no matter the cost….

Fenrir Pheonix

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