Perverse, kind, lethal.


Her Natural Appearance


Preferred Alternate Forms




Far less stable than her brother, White Raven, but much more cheery; Grace lives a life of wandering ever since separation from her brother, seeking nothing in particular, she blows with the wind. Although generally a happy person, she is responsible for several gruesome murders, though her murderous sadism only applies to people who are cruel to the innocent.

She is very protective of children, in fact her fondness for children seems to be the only fabric of her moral compass, so she generally gets by as a nanny or related. Since she is so close with the children of whatever town she comes across she will usually be accepted into a grateful family’s home for a while. Her kindness to this family is unmatched, but this is usually the start of subtle intimidation towards anyone who could threaten the family, which can sometimes be a source of awkward fright.

Theme: Raggle Taggle Gypsy by The Chieftains.
Sadism: Think Up a Title Yourself by Miyaki Sawashiro
(Lyrics for Think up a Title Yourself:
Hurry up and move
I’m not your shadow
Bow down right now, you disgusting narcissist

That tiring appearance of yours is so pitiable that I’m at loss for words
Know your place, you annoying, cross-dressing, perverted pedophile

You’re just wasting your time
Get this through your thick skull already!

You’re so pathetic, you’re so pathetic, you’re so pathetic
Realize that you’re a pathetic amateur already!
You show everyone what a sorry excuse of a human being you are (3x)
You’re such a laughing stock
Not that it really matters, you don’t have to apologize
Oh my, oh my, oh my, what a boring man

If you want to walk, if you want to walk, if you want to walk, you’d better hold you foot a centimeter above the ground
How are you going to redeem yourself if you crush an ant?
Oh my, it’s okay
Your frightened eyes send chills down my spine)


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