Anii Tonnerre

Oh, hi!


Age: 24
Date of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Brown
Eyes: green
Race: Human, Indeterminate ethnicity
Height: 5’5"
Weight: 142 lb.
Sex: Sure!


Anii (Ah-nee) is a human priestess, good natured and loyal. She lives within the Divine Theocracy, preaching the goodness of life, fertility, and community. She is quick to aid anyone in need, especially animals or children, and would rather die than turn her back on her community. She’s a bit of a flirt, but only because her temple worships fertility and abundance in life. She has an elemental familiar that doubles as her best friend.

She grew up within the Divine Theocracy, but didn’t find the worship of dragons to suit her personal beliefs on the Empire. She was raised to celebrate life and all paths of it, instead of following elitism. She knows her way around the trade port, but will change the subject to current events if questioned. She’s a bouncing ball of happiness, most the time, coupled with unending optimism.

Anii Tonnerre

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