Van Robinovich

"Never tell me the odds!"


Age: 29
Date of Birth: Unknown
Hair: brown
Eyes: green
Race: Human, Caucasian
Height: 5’9"
Weight: 162 lb.
Sex: Male


Van has a square jaw, green eyes and a long face. He keeps his face clean shaved, and he has short hair that is unkempt most of the time. He appears to be of mixed European descent. (although there is no physical comparison that I can make that can be related to the world setting) Most humans, and maybe people of other races would consider him extremely handsome if not for the minor onset of stress induced wrinkles around his eyes and brow.

Van sports a custom armored flight suit based on the standard suit worn by Galactic Theocracy Imperial Navy pilots. Vans suit has grey and black plating around the upper chest, upper back, shoulders, thighs and shins. The waist, crotch area and all the joints of the suit are covered in a flexible dark red glossy fabric. On top of the suit Van wears a number of plastic clip on belts around the waist and legs for latching extra storage compartments if needed. The suit has several plugs, written labels, and some exposed machinery suggesting that some parts are missing. In addition the suit has several rectangular patches of various sizes where it had taken damage in the past. The most notable among the patches is one on the left bicep that vaguely resembles a clenched fist making a thumbs up sign.

Van also keeps a number of street cloths. His most notable alternative outfit is a leather jacket and trousers made of the same dark red material as his pilot suit.

Addendum: After the second session of Voyage Van lost his left leg after being hit with an incredibly strong energetic blast from an arch angel, a brutal enforcer of the Galactic Theocracy.


Van is naturally upbeat and well known for his dry wit and cockiness. He will often crack jokes and make mythological laden references as a way of dealing with stress and unfamiliarity. Giving things a comprehensible label allows him to put things into perspective and make the unknown seem less threatening. Van has also been known to boast about his piloting skills.

Van is very intelligent and will deal with problems in a very pragmatic fashion but will always declare a leader for the group, some times him self, and some times some one else. Van hates having to work alone and rarely goes anywhere without having some one he trusts at his side.


Van’s preferred weapon is an Imperial Navy issue Lancer Pistol named Athena. It is 7 inches in length and 6 inches in height and fires bright yellow lances of energy. A typical lancer pistol comes with two settings, standard beam and focused beam. The focus beam setting allows the user to momentarily fire a continues beam that can hit multiple targets or focus on a single target, but it in doing so the gun overheats and requires an auxiliary internal cooling unit to function. The cooling mechanism is built with a fail safe that makes it impossible for the user to fire two consecutive focused beams. The main cooling unit needs at least 10 minutes to vent stored heat before it can be used for another focused shot. The lancer pistol is powered by an Magi Tech micro energy cell that is located in the grip of the gun. The cell never needs to be replaced and the gun can fire an unknown number of times. The details as to the construction of this power cell is a fiercely guarded secret. Imperial Navy personnel are advised to “have faith in the purity of the theocracy and the holy weapons that the one true deity has bestowed upon you.” Van has modified Athena with to have a third firing setting that scatters the particles of the beam in a wide cone that blinds targets and causes a very extreme case of sun burn. The lancer pistol requires almost no maintenance, although an occasional scrub down of the exterior is recommended.

Van’s secondary weapon is a Imperial navy issue short sword. This weapon has a comfortable rubber grip with a clean dark blade. The blade is top heavy for an added chop effect. The short sword has no other remarkable features.

Music Themes

Two Steps From Hell – Aeterna (Voyage main theme)
Mass Effect 2 – Charges of Treason (Van’s Theme)
Mass Effect 2 – Chatting with Mordin (Xingzhe’s Theme)
Mass Effect – Liara’s World (Van’s Sneaking/Exploration Theme)
Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – As they Enter (Grim Suite 1)
Mass Effect 2 – What the Future Holds (Grim Suite 2)
Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – Building Explosion (The ITFS Ramiel Apears)
Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – Encounter/Car Chase (Space Combat/Escape 1)
Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – Car Chase (Space Combat/Escape 2)
Mass Effect 2: Lair of the Shadow Broker – Vasir Combat (Epic Combat)


Van Robinovich is a rogue pilot that defected from the Galactic Theocracy armada after a crisis of conscious. He travels across the cosmos from one shady starport to another looking for work. He is always on the move and never stays in one place for too long to keep any pursueing bounty hunters guessing. The work he does isn’t always legal, but it keeps him moving. Van is mostly out for him self and tries hard to not pick sides, but he doesn’t like seeing people get hurt either. Van considers him self something of a lost soul, looking for a cause to believe in, but reluctant to settle for anything that his unquestioning faith. He is still fairly young at 29 years old, and sports custom armored flight suit partly based on the standard uniform worn by Theocracy pilots. The suit is made of a shiny dark red plastic with a few custom repairs showing places were it has taken damage in the past. Among the most notable repairs is a small melted patch on his right shoulder which oddly resembles a thumbs up sign. He refuses to tell the story a to how exactly that came to be.

Addendum: Van lost his leg after an encounter with a theocracy arch angel. It has yet to be seen if he will make it alive or not.

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Van Robinovich

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