Athena (Lancer Pistol)

"Named her after my ex, because she is bright, stings when angry, and I don't go to bed without her!" - Van


Weapon: lancer pistol
Proficiency: +2
Damage: 2d6
Range: 8/16
Proficiency category: one-handed military ranged
Weapon group: firearm
Weapon property: load free
Price: unknown
Weight: 2 lb.


Van’s preferred weapon is an Imperial Navy issue Lancer Pistol named Athena. It is 7 inches in length and 6 inches in height and fires bright yellow lances of energy. A typical lancer pistol comes with two settings, standard beam and focused beam. The focus beam setting allows the user to momentarily fire a continues beam that can hit multiple targets or focus on a single target, but it in doing so the gun overheats and requires an auxiliary internal cooling unit to function. The cooling mechanism is built with a fail safe that makes it impossible for the user to fire two consecutive focused beams. The main cooling unit needs at least 10 minutes to vent stored heat before it can be used for another focused shot. The lancer pistol is powered by an Magi Tech micro energy cell that is located in the grip of the gun. The cell never needs to be replaced and the gun can fire an unknown number of times. The details as to the construction of this power cell is a fiercely guarded secret. Imperial Navy personnel are advised to “have faith in the purity of the theocracy and the holy weapons that the one true deity has bestowed upon you.” Van has modified Athena with to have a third firing setting that scatters the particles of the beam in a wide cone that blinds targets and causes a very extreme case of sun burn. The lancer pistol requires almost no maintenance, although an occasional scrub down of the exterior is recommended.

Athena (Lancer Pistol)

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