History of the Galaxy

Note: G.S.D. references Galactic Standard Date
Campaign will take place approximately 7.125 GSD

- 100.000 GSD (and earlier)
This period marks the beginning of recorded history in the Atlas Galaxy. It is theorized that much occurred before this date but nothing is known, despite substantial efforts. Only two races have been noted to exist before this time: the great Giants of the Galactic Core and the the Chromatic Dragons of the Void. They fought a great and terrible war historically named The Progenitor War that spanned unknown and likely countless years that ended with a disaster of unforeseen magnitude that occurred just around this time. Academic information on the disaster is inconsistent, but legend holds that the Dragons unleashed a massive super weapon called Vox’Zuras Ran’Gorr, which roughly translates to ‘The Breath of Ran Gorr’. The use of this weapon was said to have set the Galaxy ablaze for tens of thousands of years. Regardless of speculation on causation, there is no denying that a mass extinction event of some kind occurred at this time.

-85.000 GSD
At this time, the very first primary accounts of history began. They are in the form of ancient data logs recorded by the first born of the Fabricor. These data logs are mostly composed of fragmented accounts of a a Galaxy ‘bathed in fire and death’. The significance of this period comes from the genesis of The Great Project. The Terra-forming that was to follow would intimately shape the beginnings of all the sentient races and Empires to come.

-60.000 GSD
15.000 Standard Years into the work of the Fabricor and The Great Project, they encounter the first life to emerge in its wake, well ahead of schedule. The Ruyn emerge as the first sentient, biological life to thrive since the hell-fires of the The Progenitor War. The Ruyn are observed from early on to be a brazen and violent race, but also highly advanced despite the primitive state of the Galaxy. Unchallenged by other forces, they take to the stars in force in only a matter of centuries.

-53.000 GSD
For approximately 7.000 years the Ruyn scour the stars in their great ships, limited only by the fact that most of the galaxy still remains charred and unlivable from The Progenitor War. Eventually, they come into open contact with the Fabricor. Fearful of their power, the Ruyn begin a large scale offensive against the Fabricor with the intent of seizing their dominion over the artifices of the ancients and Terra-forming the Galaxy on their own terms. This conflict would be known as Fabricor Crusade.

- 50.000 GSD
Roughly 3.000 Standard Years pass as the Ruyn hunt the Fabricor across the Galaxy. Despite their tremendous technological advantage, the Fabricor don’t have any inherit concept of warfare or conflict and where therefore constantly outmatched their aggressors. Around -50.000 GSD, the Fabricor made the unique and unexpected decision to allocate a substantial portion of their limited Terra-forming resources to unterra-forming the Ruyn core worlds. Ultimately, the Fabricor Where successful, but at tremendous cost; they had lost a substantial portion of their population and resources. Regardless, the Fabricor Crusade ended and the Ruyn were pushed to extinction, with only a few surviving in stasis chambers hidden deep in the void.

- 42.000 GSD
The Fabricor continue to perform their project, though the logistical toll of the crusade slows progress immensely. Amidst a period of uncertainty, a promising empire rises on a terraformed planet. the Ere’var emerge. They prove to be a far more academic race then the Ruyn, the Fabricor leave them to develop and turn their efforts to else-ware in the galaxy.

-36.000 GSD
Fabricor fleets become aware of a large planetary body entering the Galaxy from parts unknown. it appears to be formed of kind of crystal and is pulsing with near inconceivable levels of an unfamiliar energy. The Planetary body alters its own course several times before unexpectedly colliding with a star system containing several planets with powerful Progenitor Ruins. The star in question instantly goes supernova and dissolves the system and its relics, creating an eerie and vibrant nebula.

-31.000 GSD
In an unexpected turn of events, another sentient race emerges in the northern quadrant of the galaxy. The Deva are observed to progress with more speed and unity then any race before them. Fabricor observers eventually uncover that the sudden ascension of the race came from the activation of an experimental progenitor ruin deep under their home world’s surface that has essentially granted the Deva immortality and eternal rebirth.

-25.000 GSD
Motivated by legends and stories of the Deva, the Ere’var begin searching the ruins of their own world for what secrets lie in the elaborate progenitor ruins. A very secret and exclusive expedition uncovers an object in the core of the Ere’var home-world. However, unlike the Deva, eternal life and power were only bestowed on a select few. why this is the case, is entirely unknown and the subject to debate and legend among the faction.

- 22.000 GSD
The Deva take to the stars en masse, and discover locally, the Dwarves an proud and hardy people. The Deva stuck an agreement with the Dwarves upon seeing their prowess in construction. The Dwarves quickly adapted and understood Deva technology rapidly and over the course of a few centuries would not only improve upon it, but also become among the most capable mortal star-ship builders in the Galaxy.

-18.000 GSD
The newly formed Galactic Theocracy takes to the stars in force, and quickly rivals the Fabricor Fleet in strength and influence. The theocracy would soon discover another race, the Humans. These new allies are quick to swear futility to their perceived superiors and are taken in as zealous shock troops in the Theocracy’s fleet. Emboldened by their new-found supremacy, the Deva push onward and deeper into the stars. A small Deva scouting fleet finds the new and budding race of Orks in a distant star system. however, the Orks are not nearly so willing to give up their home to the Deva and refuse to join them in servitude. The Orks would have likely been wiped out by the occupying Deva fleet had the mysterious Goliath, a previously unencountered race, not showed up and spooked the Deva scouting party away. This effort would lead to a coming partnership between the Ork and Goliath races and is considered the genesis of The Primal Council.

-13.000 GSD
The Fabricor journey en masse once again to the site of the massive crystal impact. expecting to only salvage fragments of Progenitor technology, they instead find something unexpected; the crystal fragments are alive and intelligent. additionally, one of the planets caught in the blast also seemed to contain some intelligent as well. Normally any native life in the system would have been doomed to either a fiery or frigid death as the star system dissolved, but somehow the crystal beings were able to save and put into stasis a large sample of the indigenous population. This process imbued the races with a powerful psionic link, and over the coming centuries these races would form a close bond as they pieced together a civilization and settled local systems. They came to call themselves the Tieflings and the Shardmind and together they form The Psionic Covenant.

-11.000 GSD
From deep in the territory of The Primal Council whispers begin to echo from across the void of space. Drawn to this mysterious space, a Council expedition is sent and tracks the source of this mysterious presence to a large and dark world, hidden away in the depths of their territory. It is their that the Council races encounter the Wilden a ritualistic and somewhat hive-minded race of mystics. They warn the Council of a coming disaster and share in visions of an apocalypse rising from across the void. They describe a terror rising from the partnership of psionic crystal men and resurrected demons of the void. In an effort to stay protected and prepare for the worst, the Wilden Join The Primal Council.

-8.000 GSD
The Psionic Covenant, having enjoyed many centuries of isolation and success over adversity is suddenly struck by disaster. The Covenant undertakes it’s longest and most ambitious colonization effort, but during the arduous and dangerous task of transporting population to the new world something goes wrong with the stasis affecting millions of Tieflings. They emerge from stasis warped, disfigured and violent. This new race would come to be called the Githzerai and they instantly developed a ravenous appetite for magical energy of all kinds. the front line worlds of the Covenant are turned upon by the Girthzerai hordes, who strip them bare and leave nothing to the void. Within a few hundred years, the The Psionic Covenant]is in a state of near ruin. On the other side of the Galaxy the Wilden cry out in lament of their doomsday prophecy. The Githzerai hear them…

History of the Galaxy

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