House Rules

Skill Changes:
REMOVE Arcana – Replace with Magitech – Intelligence based skill – this skill check determines the success of operating magitech machinery such as a Divine Siege Lance or Psionic Omnisensor

add Pilot as a bonus skill – trainable by all classes
Wisdom or Dexterity based skill, character takes the higher of the 2 bonuses. this skill determines success in using the various vehicles of the game from carriages to battleships.

REMOVE Religion – Replace with Machinetech – Intelligence based skill – this skill check determines the success of operating machinetech machinery such as a Arcane Railgun or Geothermal reactor.

Party Faction Reputation
- actions taken in favor or in aggravation of any of the factions will raise and lower your rep with them. Reputations will have their obvious and expected outcome as they get higher or lower.

Wealth Modifier
- if all goes well, the party will be dealing with such immensely large sums of money that NO ITEMIZATION OF WEALTH WILL BE TRACKED. we will instead use the d20 system of a wealth modifier to track purchases. simplistically, its a roll made to see if a purchase of an item is possible, the more expensive item the higher the DC, this is stacked against the party or individual’s bonus which takes additions and subtractions based on the current inflow/outflow of wealth.

Cybernetic Implants
- the replacing of a limb or an eye or modification to various areas of the body is common in this day and age. they are expensive procedures and some implants carry significant drawbacks. once the procedure is performed, the rules function similarly to war-forged augments

House Rules

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