Session Four
Protecting the Prize

Returning from town, the party had been surrounded by military-grade automatons outside of their landed ship. The robots had lied in wait, hiding behind the heaps of broken parts strewn about the wasted area. Xingzhe had already begun strangling one as Kiora challenged another to a duel.

[Guys you can edit this part since I can’t remember everything, specifically combat details before the point where I started talking a lot] [Also arbitrary paragraphing =P]

Kiora, ripping herself free of the robot’s hold with a yank of her shoulder and a handflip kick, attempted to be diplomatic and seek a nonviolent resolution. The automaton responded that their purpose was not anything to do with “fools of flesh and blood” but with returning the ship. The robots could only operate on violence in securing the vessel, and it insisted that the situation was beyond any understanding of the party. It stated that the ship had some ancient power or something. After Kiora challenged the one in charge to answer her, shouting across the battlefield, a red light glared from a distance and a synthesized, amplified voice replied. The voice suggested that the party retreat or die, that “the prize” should best be abandoned. It intimidated the majority of the party members into being unable to move closer to the origin of the voice, and Kiora, Nuri, and Anii initially headed for the town to retreat. Yet the other members present fought back and offed several of the robots, while Xingzhe headed to board the ship.

Meanwhile Van, overhearing the threatening voice and still inside the ship, headed for the controls and attempted to fly. A laser pointer flashed along the ground and stopped over a section of the ship, firing off a laser and causing some damage. Debris flew over the field, damaging a few members. Kiora asked who was behind that attack, and was met with the reply, “Fire support.” The White Raven made his appearance with an unfamiliar humanoid, wrecking a robot handily and causing another to surrender. His buddy decided to take the robot as a prisoner. Van lurched and hit the ground hard on his teeth, but managed to press on and get the ship engines started.

The party was now aware that the ship was functioning, and both Anii and Nuri went to board it. The ship took off with the loading ramp still out, and the two females clinging on for dear life. Anii couldn’t hang on and fell quite a ways, nearly falling unconscious as she landed with a concussion far away from the battle. Kiora decided against retreating to the town and tried to fight off the remaining robots. Fenrir, sensing that the pilot of the ship may not have realized how many were still outside, signaled with a large beacon of light. Van could see the beacon and realized not everyone was aboard.

However, Xingzhe—who was—attempted to convince Van to leave them behind with offers of gold, both real and illusory with his magic. Van countered with the proposition of the possible wealth to be had from the mech heading towards the party, which they could easily see now was the source of the red light far away. The argument was a stalemate, and Van continued with his plan. He strafed toward the mech, firing upon it with unusual, bright energy bursts.

On the ground, the White Raven conjured an imp-like creature of pure shadow over the face of one of the robots, blinding it. The robot could not hit the White Raven, “missing in ways unfounded ever before.” White pushed off with his left foot, leaned back into his right shoulder with his weapon high and spun to bring the weapon down on the robot’s left shoulder, the shadows wisping up into his weapon. Only one automaton remained. Fenrir took the opportunity to try and secure a pair of legs from one of the offed automatons, but botched the attempt. Kiora was more successful, cleanly acquiring two legs from another, and then shot the last robot dead with a crossbow bolt, snipping off a few strands of the White Raven’s elegant, long, white hair.

The encounter over, Van assessed the mech and then hovered over the ground near the ground party, waiting for everyone to get aboard. Kiora found Anii limping toward them and helped get her to the ship. Meanwhile the White Raven had his buddy confiscate the prisoner and leave, and Fenrir secured rifles and other useful supplies lying about. Once everyone was safely inside, a brief exchange took place between Van and Anii in which hostilities rose. Anii stormed off to the medical bay, possibly locking herself in.

Van, Fenrir, and Xingzhe checked out the mech, finding power batteries, pneumatics, and various other helpful things. They also found the operator of the machine, and took the head off it, as the rest was hooked to the machine. The head could be powered using a power source and its memories unlocked. The session ended with the ship taking off into the distance…

Player Note Session 3
Next Leg of the Adventure

The escapees’ ship is attacked by an Archangel, and in the ensuing shoot out, gets blindsided by two Psionic ships, who soon draw their attention to the Archangel.

While they are distracted, Fenrir warps the ship to the nearest planet, Genus. Anii and Nuri in the mean time are trying to stabilize Van after losing his leg.

Meanwhile, after the totally awesome adventure Ker, Fry, and Brian’s dude go on, they crash a ship, possibly killing two dudes who went with them and Brian. Ker decided he is going to the city, and doesn’t want fry to follow, as ‘girls always ruin his adventures’. He bumps some of his once fellow prisoners also traveling to the city, letting him know they landed a bit away from them. Ker, in need of his grandson for science, heads there immediately. He finds out from Fenrir that Van lost a leg in the escape, and is also slightly shocked to see the craft they escaped in. Soon, fry arrives and quickly becoming friends [hoping for a way off the planet as well] she goes about helping Ker get parts to rebuild a leg for Van, and repairs the ship.

The rest of the group, consisting of White Raven, Kiora, Fenrir Pheonix and Nuri go to the nearest town to try to get supplies and a new leg for Van. They strike up a shady deal with a warforged, and agree to come back that night.

Ker makes a makeshift leg to hold Van off while he builds something great, and implants the metal peg onto his sleeping body.

Deciding against leaving, the crew stays on the ship, where they are attacked at night! Xing tackles one and pins it to the ground, what ever will happen next?

Session 2
The Great Escape

Someone say what happened I just know half the group took a super special ship and escaped.

Session 1

Date: 37.4.7125
Location: Arenum – Capital Trade Center Starport.

It was morning, and the heat of the fiery local sun was already beating down on the dry sands of Arenum. It was a morning like any other, as the local-star port bustled with activity with creatures of many species tending to lives and business of various sorts. However, deep in the confines of this normal day, tense figures moved through the shadows, and deep fear ran through the minds of a handful of quiet administrators. The night before a package of some kind had come in, very quietly and very secretively. Among the faceless thousands walking through the starport, probably a dozen people knew what the package was and rightfully feared it’s influence.

It was noon when the first signs of trouble started. It began as a shooting between two unknown figures in the main lobby. The assailants rambled at each other in maddening cries over ‘Nova’ and ‘The Gatekeeper’ while firing wildly at each other amidst the cries of onlookers.

That’s when the Unthinkable happened.

A fully armed task-force consisting of 2 M5 capital class vessels and a host of support craft warped in from the Genus Gateway. They bore the clear make and markings of being a Galactic Theocracy dispatch fleet. The Fleet did not respond to hails or to any attempts at communication by Trade Center Ground Control. They secured a blockade and began a ground assault on the neutral facility.

Amidst the chaos and the Theocracy’s mass capture of hundreds of civilians, a party of 8 adventurers were loaded into a Relic Class Transport and launched to the blockade fleet for processing. It is evident that, in their haste, security forces had not recognized the dangerous potential of these individuals. Whilst in transit, the transport became a blood-bath as the captives broke free and subdued the security forces. The fighting forced a crash landing on the vessel, which collided with another ship upon entry to the hanger.

The party awakens to the muffled sound of alarms as they clear themselves from the wreckage of the transport…

Player Note Session 1
Or, I Believe I Can Fly

We find ourselves in Arenum , a planet on the edge of the Galactic Theocracy. Our soon to be heroes, or villains, find themselves in the middle of an unusual conflict time. The Empire, who normally have a very hands off approach to Arenum, have landlocked the planet, and have their prized Pelor class ships blockading the city, and gathering everyone in the streets.

Amidst a few scuffles and injuries, everyone is rounded up.
The trusty pilot, Van overhears the authorities announcing that they had a “Target Secured.”

The silent Content Not Found: xing-zhe hears mention of a shipment arriving, being stored in the center of the starport.

Brave Fenrir finds out they are looking for some sort of terrorist group.

Our heroes find themselves cuffed inside a small transport ship. After a few awkward greetings to those who knew each other, hey begin attempting to break out. A guard, hearing noises [a loud thunder crack to be exact] rushes in, only to find a few of his prisoners already released, and the rest struggling to do so as well. A few misplaced shots, poisons, teleporting swords, and actions of self harm later and a guard in an insane state breaks a few holes in the hull. The prisoners rush to the cockpit, and realize the pilot is losing control and headed for one of the larger ships. Fenrir and Van fight for control against the pilot, Ker digs through everyone’s belongings looking for his own, while the rest either finish the guards or stand in fear. Van finally removes the pilot from his seat, and acting fast Fenrir jumps into the cockpit, only to realize the ship was hurtling out of control towards the Pelor class ship now, and controlling it might be a little more than he can handle. Everyone holds their breath or braces for impact as he attempts to take the landing.
He narrowly avoids flattening into the ships side, but doesn’t stop the transport from losing it’s landing gear and tumbling through the landing bay, killing civilians and empire soldiers alike.
After the initial shock, they awaken, badly bruised and hurting, and realize they have moments until the soldiers come…


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