shards of a sentient crystal from who knows where, possibly outside the galaxy.

Timeless in age but very young and alien emotionally as they just a achieved independence when the master crystal shattered and separated them from a uniform being.

for character creation, they Don’t have to be humanoid at all. legs, arms hands whatever. 6 legs is cool, they arnt from this galaxy

don’t eat or breathe but rather Feed on/ emit energy. they can sap energy from machines and lifeforms to survive. they can also inject machines and lifeforms with energy as well in much the same way

dont have mouths but can talk by vibrating parts of their crystalline form at audible frequencies.

their form is a bit unstable and as a result They do experience what appears to be a lifecycle. their lives seems to end with their material returning to the host Crystal to reform somewhere in the void

Government: none recognized
Despite a lack of official government, the fractals tend to comply with the galactic summit treaty

uses the half elf template to start but as mentioned above can be built to a whole host of shapes

very alien in appearance, expect people to act weird around you


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