Brief Summary:
Dwarves are a proud race of long lived machinists, With a history that extends back to their contact with early space -faring humans. Long ago, their golden age of expansion was cut short when a global disaster brought them to ruin and toxic fallout sterilized attempts at re-population. They would have gone extinct in a generations time had a lucky expedition not turned up an ancient and expansive array of cloning technology left behind in ruins built deep into their home world. They now thrive, amidst a planet that’s been mostly hollowed out by massive construction projects.

Societal Information:
Dwarves are not a part of The Atlas Confederacy
Dwarven governments do adhere to The Galactic Summit Treaty
Most Dwarves exist within a sort of Meritocracy seated in their home world. Currently, a powerful and mysterious family called The Iron Dynasty holds majority power in the Dwarven government, a supremacy they have managed to hold for nearly over 1000 years.

Game-play Notes:
Dwarves are not a super varied bunch, especially by appearance considering they are all directly derived from the same sample of genetic material. The tend to be soft spoken yet fiercely loyal top friends and ‘bloodlines’ considering progeny was once something they were denied. The arrangement isn’t without its boons however, Dwarves do host a mostly synthetic genome by this point, and as a result are immune to nearly all forms of poison and illness.

Metagame Notes:
race characters use 5E Dwarves. +5 to all checks that relate to overcoming sickness or poison effects.


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