Brief Summary:
Humans are a distinctly ancient and dangerous race in the Atlas Galaxy. The are the antithesis of the their timeless enemy, the Elves. They are an old and zealous Theocracy based around a religion of eternal rebirth. As a result, Humans are somewhat unique in that they embrace their short lifespans and make little effort to elongate them with Nova, as they believe glory and reincarnation await them after service to their great empire.
While they are extremely Xenophobic and tend to view other sentient races as ‘impure’, they are distinctly Isolationist, and don’t historically tend towards aggression unless provoked.

Societal Information:
Humans are not a part of The Atlas Confederacy
Human governments do not adhere to The Galactic Summit Treaty
Most Humans exist within The Theocracy of Mankind, an independent government that is structured similar to a massive church in organization, and advances human interests in the galaxy.

Game-play Notes:
most PC humans will need to have separated from the Theocracy in some way, as the average citizen wouldn’t interact with aliens without a really good reason. Also note, Humans are actually able to transmit memories though DNA transfer alone,

Metagame Notes:
race characters use 5E Humans. +5 to history related checks. Can attempt to recall information from ancestors as an RP action. also its entirely possible for a PC human to die and reincarnate in some fashion.


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