Brief Summary:
Orks are a brilliant and deeply honor-bound society of technical machinists and warriors who have a solid reputation in both trade and warfare. The Ork Cities are the envy of the Confederation Ork Technology, despite their relatively young age as a race, has come to nearly rival the Elves in terms of functionality. This is perhaps due to their inherit talent with a natural form of echolocation that not only allows them the ability to perceive objects in total darkness, but also allows them a sort of sound-based mental imaging when it comes to the inner working of machines. Orks put their talents to tireless work and the Legions of Ork Mechanized Battle-suits are perhaps the perhaps the most prevalent force of order in the galaxy. They walk the line between being strong, steadfast allies of the Confederation but perhaps a bit meddlesome in the affairs of others.

Societal Information:
Orks are an active part of The Atlas Confederacy
Ork governments do adhere to The Galactic Summit Treaty and seem to enjoy enforcing it elsewhere as well…
Ork society is very cast based, with a strong sense of honor and family ties. They run a perhaps the only true representative democracy in the Galaxy, a government that has stood the test of time due to the rigid sense of duty to society each Ork accepts.

Game-play Notes:
Orks are among the most progressive societie in the galaxy. However, they are known to have a lot of rules and expectations for everyone else and especially themselves. Typically, They take a hard stance on moral issues such as slavery and try to enforce order when possible. Of coarse, there are also Orks who have taken to the stars to escape such a society and live less inclined to moral obligations.

Metagame Notes:
orks look more Bat-like in this setting, due to thier big, fuzzy ears
race characters use 5E half orks. They get a +5 when dealing with any sort of repair efforts on any sort of machine that isn’t Pantheon. Their echolocation can also be used as a sensory stand-in for sight if needed.


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