Brief Summary:
Sternothropes are the commercial masterminds of the Galaxy and are a race of merchants and traders unlike any other. They host a varied reputation across the galaxy from forthright capitalists who power industry and innovation to greedy smugglers who will happily profit on the misfortune of others. Sternothropes have little societal bond to family, clan or each-other and it is often expected that they take to the stars as soon as possible to find independence and success among the countless worlds of the Confederation. They are known for fantastic eyesight and this often makes them extremely capable pilots and operators.

Societal Information:
Sternothropes are a part of The Atlas Confederacy
Sternothropes do adhere to The Galactic Summit Treaty on paper… in practice its more so when its convenient and not too expensive to do so.
Sternothropes society doesn’t have a central government and is more so a loosely aligned cluster of mega corporations that claim to represent the interests of Sternothropes as a whole. This potential issue is dampened by the Sternothropes apparent disinterest in organized government as they seem to accept that total freedom and commercial pursuit is social code enough for them.

Game-play Notes:
Sternothropes are naturally independent are rarely form close social bonds, but conversely are very naturally talented at dealing with lifeforms unlike themselves. They have 4 eyes that see in a much larger visual spectrum than other races and this gives them a leg up on a variety of adventuring qualities.

Metagame Notes:
Can borrow any combination of traits in the likeness of reptiles for character creation.
race characters use 5E half orks. They get a +3 when dealing with perception based checks where eyesight is a factor. Seeing in multiple wavelengths also gives them +5 to any tracking check and is bound to have other RP applications


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